K3CCDTools tries to calculate the edge borders frame rectangles around the image, and if the planet goes off the edge this can result in the automatic area calculation cutting half the final image off. Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. While this web camera is by all means outdated, I still have not come across a more sensitive web camera. The result is razor sharp pictures with incredible detail and depth, every time and from any source.

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Face tracking automatically follows your face The state-of-the-art camera software automatically detects your face and moves the lens spc900nc follow you as you move. Digital Natural Motion to eliminate spc900nc effects Philips invented Digital Natural Motion to eliminate juddering effects that are visible with moving picture content. Sign in Already have an account? For a list of webcams suitable for astronomy purposes refer to this page in his site.

If you intend to use the webcam as a guide camera, you spc900nc remove the IR-blocking filter to achieve greater sensitivity but take note it will no longer perform well in planetary imaging. I have spc900nc as it happens.

Philips Pixel Plus SPC900NC 1.3 MP Webcam Camera

The webcam has been designed to add video to your internet calls so you can see spc900nc well as hear your friends and family online. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed.

spc900nc It has a very good section on determining the correct focal lengthangular field of view and resolution to use. Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Share this post Link to post Sc900nc on other sites. Set the camera to motion spc900nc mode when you leave the house and spc900nc will only start recording when movement is detected in the room.


I would also advise you to download the free WcCtrl webcam control software which allows much easier access spc900nc the webcam controls than going through the K3CCDTools menu to the Driver software spc9000nc the webcam.

Also note which way up and which angle you need to orient the webcam to give an upright image. Zpc900nc 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2.

Download the latest version of Driver webcam Philips SPCNC free in English on CCM

This is better for learning spc900ncbut once you’ve got used to operating the webcam, you may find it more convenient to orient the webcam so that any movement of the target is along one axis only, and spc900nc will require watching the movement and twisting spc900nc webcam orientation to match effectively aligning the webcam’s vertical axis parallel to earths polar alignment, so that the earths equatorial rotation appears as horizontal motion in the webcam.

The lightning fast 90 frames per second refresh rate produces incredibly stable images perfect for face-to-face video conferencing and remote home monitoring.

Share your video with friends and family or broadcast it out across the internet. Posted November 19, If spc900nc only reason you want the cam is for planetary then the above are all ccd-based and may be a little OTT for your needs see below. It may be that the colour balance is spc900nc what you expect given that webcams tend not to be set up for outside use but hey – convert to BW and spc900nc good to go!

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Spc900nc. While there are also other webcams that use CCDs, I can only recommend these two since these are the only webcams that I have tried and tested spc900ncand was able to achieve satisfying results.

While the article is aimed at DSLR spc90nc, the principles still apply to CCD cameras generally, and help you appreciate just why you spc900nc capture and stack as many frames as possible, and that high quality imaging can be achieved with shorter exposures and cheaper, less accurate mounts.


Posted June 4, Images spc900nc to render Image Gallery]. The front lens can be rotated to focus the camera.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

SPCNC and Logitech Pro and models have been known to perform well because they sc900nc equipped spc900nc a far more sensitive sensor: Spc900nc Lounge – axolotl’s Album: Register a new account.

Webcasting at broadcast quality This camera is perfect for webcasting thanks to the supremely high quality of the images it takes. With the special Motion Detection feature you can spc900nc anything that happens in your home while you’re out.

Sometimes just upping the Gain straightens out the response of the CCD and sometimes Gamma adjustments are called for. Create and send V-mails in seconds. Unfortunately it is spc900jc to control long exposure by a standard USB to Serial adaptor, so you have to capture using other software like WxAstrocapture or K3CCDTools, then work in Spc900nc with the image files they spc900nc.

Many people have followed his spc900nc for making the Long Exposure mod to enable webcams which normally just take very short exposure movie footage at frame speeds of 5 to 60 frames per second to take exposures anything from 1 second spc900nc 1 hour!! You may have to forego colour but that’s a small price to pay for an imaging device you can get from Ebay for less than a couple of pounds.