A quick google search fround this GPL’d driver but it also looks like there are problems with the usb driver. I got this printer for free and should have gotten paid to take it. It just print out blank paper with a touch of black image. Threw it across the room. Any help would be most welcome. It snaps on also but be careful.

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After 5 hours of trying to make it work I applied the following fix If so, what is the solution?

Could someone give me instruction in how lexmark x83 print properly do so? Well, I got to print something in color today, and only the black shows up, no color prints at all. BB code lexmark x83 print On. I have tried taking the cartridges out several times. My problem is that it will only print half the page! A copy-quality button cycles through three options–Photo, Normal, and Quick–and there’s a menu button for more complicated functions such as Pint for filling the page with multiple copies of a smaller image and Poster for blowing up the image across multiple pages.

Hi All For installing the printer drivers for Lexmark X83 just copy the below link downloads. Just slide it into the little plastic housing that holds it.


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What can else can I do? I tried the cartridge on my mum’s Lexmark x and it lexmark x83 print fine but all I seem to get on mine is the black parts of a pic and the rest is just blank.

I did the self test on my Lexmark x83 as described in a previous post. Good Luck – Anonymous. I took this to A pawn shop they offered me 2. It is easily put back in. After you remove the control panel you will see 2 phillips screws. lexmark x83 print

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The boxy-looking due to its flatbed scanner multifunction lexmark x83 print This is an ongoing problem even if I install a new ink jet cartridge. I can’t get my Lexmark X83 printer lexmark x83 print work. There’s a one-year warranty with here’s a big plus a toll-free technical-support line that’s open 12 hours on weekdays 9 pprint.

Lexmark x83 print cleaing the cartridge contacts lexmark x83 print the printer with isopropanol high purity rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner. I have to look for my paper work. And if u still have the same problem it may be the issue with the printer roller itself. I later found out I needed printer ink, but that’s another story altogether. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.


However, I did not throw it out the window but I did throw it in the trash. There are too many unsatisified customers and they need to make a recall. Everything inside the printer looks okay and is pretty clean. Does anyone have a user manual lexmark x83 print can email me? Don’t try to pry the connector from the circuit board!

Hi Lana The main defference in using the refilled cart and the lexmark x83 print cart are: Hey I lexmark x83 print I,ve solved the Lexmark x83 problem! Multifunction printer speed Pages per minute longer bars indicate better performance. I just tried to install a Lexmark x83 printer. Our sample pages cost 11 cents per page of text and a whopping 73 cents per color page.